Adoption Gifts

5 Shops That Offer Perfect Adoption Gifts

Looking for some fun, new shops to find amazing adoption-themed gear and gifts?! Then look no further than the five great choices listed below! And be sure to let us know in the comments where you love to shop for adoption gifts.


From jewelry to home decor is sure to offer a unique find perfect for yourself or whomever you’re looking for! I mean it says Adoption Gifts in the name, so you know it’s going to be the perfect place to get any and all adoption-themed gifts. Perhaps a onsie for the day you bring your child home? Or maybe a Birth Mom Strong shirt for the strongest woman you know. There are even adoption books for kids and adults!

  1. Foster the Family

Foster the Family has a shop component of their blog offering a small selection of prints, accessories, and t-shirts that share heartwarming messages about love, foster care, and adoption.

  1. My One in One Million

This great shop offers is mainly focused on products on infertility/fertility treatments, but they do carry some adorable adoption-themed items like the “growing in my heart” t-shirt. 

  1. LetterLoveFosterHope

LetterLoveFosterHope is a delightful Etsy shop run by a fellow foster and adoptive mama Kimberly Gehm. While not specifically adoption focused, they offer custom watercolor family portraits at affordable prices that’d be the perfect gift for a family who has just gained one (or more) family members via adoption!

  1. The Couture Kitten

The Couture Kitten is another fun Etsy shop offering custom t-shirts for a wide variety of occasions including adoption! They have a couple of “adopting,” “adoption in progress,” “mama bear,” “paper pregnant,” and “not showing, still glowing” designs to choose from. Each design is printed on a cozy cotton shirt with a huge range of colors to choose from!! You can also order just the decal if you’d prefer to place it on one of your own shirts, bags, etc.

The possibilities are endless! I hope this list helps you find the perfect adoption gift for that adoptive parent, birth parent, and/or adoptee in your life.