Adoption Gifts

3 Pieces Of Adoption Jewelry You Gotta Have (

Until the recent launch of, adoption clothing and accessories were extremely hard to find. A quick internet search will turn up thousands of pet adoption gifts, but hardly any regarding child adoption. fulfills that need with fantastic gifts for all impacted by adoption. While the apparel is numerous and great quality, the jewelry shines as the star of With a piece for everyone, you are sure to find the adoption gift you have been looking for. Here are just three of my favorite pieces offered on


I adore the elegant yet simple quality of this connecting hearts necklace. The three connecting hearts represent each member of the adoption triad, typically an adoptive parent, birth parent, and the child. It is small enough to not overwhelm the wearer and subtly represents the bond of all members of the adoption triad. In brilliant silver, it is certain to be a great gift for anyone in your life whom adoption has touched. 


The moment I saw this bracelet, I knew it would be perfect for my husband. With so many shirts and accessories honoring adoptive mothers, there are typically few choices for gifts for adoptive fathers. This very manly bracelet is subtle and understated, yet allows him to represent adoption and is certain to be a conversation piece. The gorgeous leather and the silver backing are perfect to go with both casual and business attire, giving both adoptive and birth fathers a piece of adoption pride to wear on them representing their bond and ties to their child.


This necklace is the perfect three-in-one gift for every member of the adoption triad.

This heart shaped puzzle symbolizes the integral part that each member of the adoption triad plays and the bond that brings them together. Without any one piece, the puzzle is incomplete. Every piece is important and valuable. One of the great features of this piece is that it can be given by or to any member of the triad as it is a gift for all!