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4 Adoption Children’s Books You’ll Want To Read To Your Child

The below adoption children’s books are only a handful of the wonderful selection of pro-adoption/adoption-friendly books available on the market. A quick search at your local library or AdoptionGifts is sure to yield even more endearing choices to add to your bookshelf, but always remember that with whatever story you’re reading one of the most important parts of the experience for your child is the memories created while reading together!

Happy Reading!!

1. Home At Last by Vera B. Williams

In this endearing tale by Vera B. Williams, whom you may know from her other classic A Chair For My Mother, a young boy named Lester is adopted by Daddy Albert and Daddy Rich. The story follows their journey after Lester goes home with the couple. The book doesn’t shy away from sharing both the tender and difficult moments that can occur in adoption as new families are created, and how each person must adapt to those changes. Vera’s honest storyline coupled with Chris Raschka’s beautiful watercolor illustrations make for the perfect story to share with your older elementary child.

2. Little Miss Spider: A Christmas Wish by David Kirk

David Kirk delights in this heartwarming story of how two Christmas wishes came true; Miss Spider gained a sibling and Asparagus Beetle gained a family. Bright illustrations, rhythmic text, and sweet moments sure to bring a tear to your eye, make for a holiday tale every family needs in their library! While the story doesn’t directly mention that Asparagus Beetle is an orphan, Miss Spider’s mom cannot have children of her own, the theme is easy enough to spot after reading through it.

3. My Family Is Forever by Nancy Carlson

In My Family is Forever author Nancy Carlson combines colorful illustrations with reassuring text sure to allay any fears an adopted child may have that families really are forever. Nancy’s story shares one family’s journey to adopt, and all the steps the parents took to bring home their little girl, in a format that makes it easy for young children to grasp. The book’s inclusion of candid topics such as how families are formed in all different ways, families love each other in good times and bad, and that adopted children sometimes wonder about their birth parents and that’s okay, make for a classic book that will be a staple on the adoptive family’s bookshelf for years to come.

4. Happy Adoption Day by John McCutcheon

This uplifting tale with a celebratory feel combines rhythmic text and fun illustrations that share more of the “meat” of the story. This makes for a great book to get a conversation going about what your child sees in the pictures, and how you can relate it to your own adoption journey. Young children will appreciate the repetitive nature of the chorus that appears every couple of pages. Those who are musically inclined can use the included score to sing or play along!

There are many adoption children’s books available here. Let us know what adoption children’s books are your son or daughter’s favorites in the comments!