Birth Parents

6 Perfect Gifts for Birth Moms at The Hospital

What do you give the woman who just handed you her child and asked you to raise them as your own? Nothing seems like enough. Here are some suggestions to show your love and gratitude.

  1. Adoption triad jewelry

The adoption triad symbol is popular in the adoption community. It represents the birth family, the adoptive family, and the adoptee. A bracelet or necklace (like this one) with the symbol is a classic birth mom gift for a reason. It shows birth mom your commitment to including her as part of your family and as an important part of your family story.

  1. Recordable story book

Ask her to record herself reading a story to her child. While the story book will come home with you, she’ll know that she’s a part of the child’s life. As your child grows, they will love hearing her voice read to them, and they’ll feel connected to her each time they open the book.

  1. Recovery comfort

Bring her a bag full of items she can use as she recovers from labor and delivery, as well as placement. Think slippers, cozy socks, lotions, a handmade blanket, tissues, hot chocolate packets or teabags, her favorite snacks. Or perhaps a comfy tee. The possibilities are endless. 

  1. Disposable cameras, a photo album, and a gift card

Pictures are going to be so important to everyone as the child grows. Give birth mom a few disposable cameras and an album so she can take pictures at the hospital and keep them forever. She may want lots of pictures of the baby, pictures of her and the baby, pictures of her family with the baby, or even pictures of you with the baby. Include a gift card so she can print them when she’s ready.

  1. Coordinating state necklaces

Buy yourself a necklace with the state (like this one!) your child was born in. Give your child’s birth mom a coordinating necklace with the state you live in. A piece of your heart (and your child’s heart) will always be with her, and a piece of her heart will always be with you.

  1. A keepsake box

With so many open adoptions in the US, you’ll probably be sending her lots of pictures, artwork, and small gifts. A beautiful box to keep it in not only gives her a place to put them, but it reaffirms your commitment to the open relationship.

Be sure to check with your agency or lawyer regarding birth mother gifts and state laws. Many states limit how much adoptive parents can spend on a gift.